Tribal sun illustrationEvery homeowner has probably considered the idea of installing solar panels at one time or another. Unfortunately, when they find out that buying and installing a set of panels can cost at least ten thousand dollars, most people decide that the upfront cost is simply too high. Brilliantly, in some states there are companies that lease them to homeowners. They will install them on your property and then you are billed for the power that the panels generate. This cost is generally lower than your regular utility rate. Many customers have committed to them for environmental reasons only. As always be wise and shop around if you are considering panels, as some companies will charge you an upfront fee as a down payment. Many companies do not, and their plans will save you up to 11% on your utility bills. Other companies fall somewhere in the middle and charge an upfront fee, but that fee is considered a prepayment on the solar-power part of your monthly bill, so you will pay a bit less for power each month.