Living in Construction.

I don't like it. You don't like it. But it seems to be a fact of life here in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Greater Tippecanoe County.

We live in a land of orange construction cones. Day in and day out, we have to merge, yield and sit in stopped traffic while our streets and roads undergo renovation and repairs.

And frankly, it blows. Especially when you're running late. With kids crying in the backseat. And ice cream melting in the trunk.

So I'm going to start sharing with you, reader, local updates, warnings and detours in our area concerning traffic congestion and road work.

Hopefully this will become a fairly useful resource to help you navigate your way through our fair cities.

And beside, in the long run, these construction projects are really a great boon to our community. We get the benefit of smooth roads that treat our cars well and improve mileage. All the workers have jobs to help support their families. And we are (eventually) able to get where we want to go a little bit quicker!

Stay tuned to this blog and check out our front page for the links to road construction updates.