Fur On A ParquetIf you are interested in carpeting your home or just specific areas in your home, it pays to know what is available and what will work best for your home before you go to the store. This way you can narrow down your search and save time, as there are nearly limitless choices when it comes to carpeting. Before we list carpet types and their attributes, be aware that carpeting your stairway will generally cost between six and nine dollars per step. If you prefer a carpet runner, this cost will be significantly higher. In regards to padding, it does extend the life of your carpeting and increases the overall comfort factor. It is completely worth the investment! Always replace your old padding with a new one, because carpeting manufacturers will not honor their warranty with an old pad underneath their new carpeting.
  • Plush/Cut-Pile Carpet - Saxony plush is very popular because it is soft with short tufts. It does not wear as well as berber or other high level loop carpets.
  • Berber - Has a high-level loop with a nubby texture. It wears very well, although is harder to clean.
  • Wool - The most expensive type, but it is comfortable, durable and resistant to dirt. Direct sunlight can fade it.
  • Synthetic fiber - It is made of artificial materials. Mostly made of nylon, it is cheaper than wool and is durable. Sunlight can damage it.
  • Olefin - Cheap, but less durable than nylon. It is pre-treated to resist fading, but can be damaged by heat and sun. It is a very good choice for basements.
  • Acrylics - More expensive than nylon, but more closely resembles wool and it resists fading.
  • Sisal - A natural fiber derived from the cactus plant. It is very strong and durable, but is extremely rough in texture.