Photo of fence with varying board heights.If you are putting your house on the market or own a rental property that is in need of a new tenant, get it to move more quickly with what experts say the market is currently calling for: more curb appeal.  In the past the two main things sellers focused on were making sure their kitchen was up to par and bathrooms were fresh.  Now they are finding that in this softened market, curb appeal is king. Insider tips suggest getting in tune with these new market changes and making sure your property is ready when it is shown to prospective buyers.  This could be the only shot you have to make a good impression. If you are having trouble deciding what changes need to be made, take photos of your property. Certain problems become more “visible” when seen on film and obvious much-needed improvements become more conspicuous. An average of $3,000 is what a National Association of Realtors survey found was needed to make homes look cleaner, fresher and more modern. Decluttering was high on the list of priorities as well. Make that first impression be the best it can be since today’s home buyers are jumping much more quickly on homes that appear to be updated and fresh.