Money and Credit CardStatistics show that around 5% of reported identity theft case victims are children. The reason your child is a target is because the crime will very likely go undetected for years. Most do not realize it until they are in college and apply for their first credit card, and find then that they have been victimized. Take heart, there are many ways to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Here are some of them:
  • Create a list of every credit card number and bank card that you keep in your wallet.
  • Never keep your social security card or any information with your social security number on it in your wallet.
  • Never give out any private information on your e-mail.
  • Cease all bank and credit card mailings.
  • Always reconcile your bank statements and go over your credit card statements. Some thieves start small, to find out who pays attention.
  • Keep your car registration and car insurance together in a closed envelope, hidden away in your car. Be sure to always lock your car.
  • Try never to use a public computer for business use or to make a purchase.
  • Memorize your ATM pin, and make sure no one is standing nearby when you use your ATM card.
  • Never save financial information on your cell phone.
  • Never apply for a job on-line, unless the employer has a verifiable address.
For more information about safer online banking go to going paperless.