Articles such as this one, published by MSNBC always make me want to comment on what is actually going on here.

Real estate is a local business. Each market is unique. What's happening in Phoenix, Atlanta or Las Vegas does not necessarily translate to Lafayette, IN! Remember that interest rates are still at historic lows. I expect more rate cuts to come as well.

Do you have concerns about the market? Are you afraid to even consider buying or selling? Let me tell you about a list I have...all homes that have sold in less than a month, all for within 97% of asking price. Are people buying homes? Yes. Are people selling homes? You bet. The Lafayette market HAS changed though. Don't just dive in and expect things to sell themselves.

Give us a call or email, even if you just have questions about the market. It's important to stay informed on the facts when there is so much negative media out there!