Hi everyone, we just as a team realized we had neglected our blog. I will be here more often I promise! We've posted a lot of new properties, and we're going to keep you up to date on everything going on in real estate in Lafayette. This blog is going to be your best friend I promise!

Anyway, I just met with a lender and we were talking about why the market has slowed down. The Lafayette market HAS experienced an increased in days on market (DOM), and we were trying to figure out why.

Do you have any ideas? Because I'm stumped. The only thing we can think of is all the negative media...but guys please remember that what's happening in other markets doesn't necessarily translate to here.

Did you know that 30 yr fixed is still at 6.1%? And 15 yr fixed is, wow, 5.73%! Rates are historically low, our supply is awesome, our job market is good, our growth has been promising and steady. My conclusion is that if you want a great deal on a mortgage and a great house at a fair price, Lafayette and West Lafayette have to be a couple of the best places to buy in the COUNTRY right now.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Let me know what you think!