Tomatoes in windowThe first impression really does count with potential home buyers. If your home is lacking basic curb appeal or is not sparkling inside, you could lose a potential buyer’s interest immediately - and never get it back! Here are some tips to avoid losing a potential buyer:
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers. Nothing welcomes a potential buyer more to a home than colorful flowers.
  • Keep walkways clear, trimmed and weeded.
  • Patios must be power-washed.
  • Windows should be sparkling.
  • Dust everywhere. Even the baseboards.
  • Since potential buyers look everywhere, make sure underneath your sinks and closets are clean, clutter-free and odor-free.
  • Remove all personal items such as framed photos, awards and collectibles. Buyers need to be able to imagine the space as theirs.
  • Paint any room that is a bright color, a neutral color.
  • Remove any worn or outdated furniture.
  • Repair any chipped or smudged paint, broken fixtures or squeaky doors.
  • Toss worn carpets.
  • Consider replacing dated hardware.
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