These programs can be applied for online.

Hey friends, I was doing some research about housing assistance today and I came across two government programs that offer assistance to YOU the homeowner during times of trouble. Now, I'm not an advocate for being on government assistance when someone has the skills, ability and time to work, but if you're working and just not making ends meet these programs are something you may want to consider. There's nothing more frustrating and emotionally draining than playing by the rules and being stuck in one place spinning your wheels! The first program is a joint venture between the US Treasury and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) called Making Home Affordable. There are numerous options in this program including getting help if you're unemployed, exiting your home gracefully, lowering monthly mortgage payment or lowering monthly mortgage rates. They have eligibility calculators, telephone counselors and a whole host of resources and information. The website is The second program called Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network is run at the state level and is a collaboration between community housing partners, government agencies, lenders, realtors, and trade organizations. It is based on income guidelines for homeowners who have experience a loss of income due to unemployment. Find it at If you know of anyone who could use this information, please forward it on to them. Let's all work towards stabilizing our homes together! Brian