It depends on who you talk to, doesn’t it? The media has preached doom and gloom for months, and we see no end in sight. Get used to reading grim headlines. Aren’t those what sell best anyway? Do you believe the media? If you do, then yes, the real estate market is bad. In my experience, perception is king. If you look at the market as bad, all you’re gonna see is bad. And no joke, there’s bad out there to be seen.


When the newspapers are hot on selling down-market headlines, it’s admittedly easier to look at the world through the same lens that the media moguls sell you. I would submit to you a fact to consider: many of the speculative investors I talked to a year and a half ago were spooked. They didn’t want to buy because prices were so high nationally. Now, what are they doing? Well, they’re still spooked. They don’t want to buy because prices are going down.


So, if you don’t buy when prices are going up, and you don’t buy when prices are going down, when do you buy? I will let you in on a secret. I said it earlier: perception is king. There’s no such thing as a real estate deal that’s not emotional. They are all emotional, no matter the market you’re in. But that doesn’t mean you don’t do it. If you have a healthy motivation for moving, you owe it to yourself to not be frozen in fear, and you owe it to yourself and your family to not miss out on the best opportunities available to you. A professional real estate team can help you immensely. Especially if you’re afraid in our current market, pick an team that sees opportunity, not one that is also frozen in fear.


Are you not seeing good deals and opportunities to buy and sell real estate? Call me, and I will be happy to share the wealth. I see unbelievable deals every day. In this type of market, it requires a different set of eyes, because so many people are so negative, but opportunity persists if you know how to look for it. Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you’ll just miss out. That just means more deals for others. But again, if you have a good reason to move, don’t think you can’t do it profitably and in style. If you ask me, the real estate market today is AWESOME!