Exterior improvements give more of a return when remodeling

There is an annual report that examines the cost versus value for home remodeling.  The report is helpful for those who are considering making improvements to their homes, especially if their home is one that they consider selling in the near future.  Historically, bedrooms and bathrooms are where people consider spending their money but the return on the remodel investment is not necessarily there. According to the 2009 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report the best return for your money are exterior improvements that often are lower cost projects to begin with.  Adding decks, replacing siding, new doors and windows are among projects that recoup the most money when re-selling a home.  The return on these projects is typically 80% or more. The annual report shows how important first impressions are.  If you are considering selling your home make sure that the exterior is as eye catching as it can be. Click here to learn more about remodeling costs versus value at The National Association of Realtors’ website.