DoorBaby boomers are making the reverse mortgage more popular than ever, but just know the potential pitfalls before you consider one.
  1. 1. Repayment Rule: If you sell your home or for some reason must live at a hospice, a nursing home or you simply plan to use the home as your second home, you will have to repay the cash you received from the reverse mortgage as well as interest and other fees back to the lender.
  2. High Closing Cost and Interest: Don’t forget to shop around and compare prices. Many seniors fail to do this, as they are not as familiar with the reverse mortgage as they are with a traditional mortgage. If offered, reject the adjustable interest rate option. There are many fixed rate reverse mortgage programs available to choose from.
  3. Maintenance and Taxes: Always ask the bank to be clear what your monthly payment will be per month, less your escrow payment. Make sure you know the lender’s policy on the home’s maintenance. You might consider taking enough money up front to have for future repairs, so that your monthly payment will always be the same.