Vegetables on kitchen counter Most kitchens can benefit from even just one or two small changes, simply to make it look fresh again. Here are some ways that you can do this in a very cost-effective manner:
  • Update Small Appliances - Keep all of your counter top appliances such as your coffeemaker, toaster and blender all in the same finish. Coordinating these very visible things really makes a big difference in the orderliness of your kitchen’s look.
  • Window treatments - Don’t forget to add or update the treatments on your kitchen’s windows as they really can pull the whole design of your kitchen together, as well as add shade or privacy when needed.
  • Lighting Fixtures - Get rid of that tired old 1980’s ceiling fixture in exchange for a pretty chandelier or a row of chic pendants, and try not to smile every time you enter your “new” kitchen!
  • New Counter tops - Instead of an entire renovation, consider replacing just one thing. Your counter tops. You will be amazed at the variety of what is available now and at the incredible range of prices too. Counter tops remain one of the few things that will actually help sell a home.
  • Paint - Whether you really need to or not, who doesn’t love the look of freshly painted walls in a new color?
  • Under-Cabinet Lights - Easy to install puck lights are the way to go on this one.
  • Sink Faucet - So many beautiful models to choose from and most of the new models can save you money on water and energy costs to boot.
  • Cabinet Hardware - Changing cabinet hardware just so happens to be the easiest way to update your kitchen. Imagine simple nickel cabinet pulls in place of the dated ceramic ones you currently have. See what I mean?