Home Buyers: If you are interested in saving money on your energy bills please know that there are homebuilders out there that are making solar power a viable option for you. For example, Victoria Gardens by Shea Homes has begun including solar power systems as an optional feature on their Shea Green Certified Homes. Their pledge to achieve superior environmental performance as well as reducing the cost of home ownership is about to become a reality.  Each 3-kilowatt solar power system will lower the homeowner’s electric bills by up to sixty percent, and can result in a carbon footprint reduction of up to forty-eight percent.  Not only is this a wonderful savings for the homeowner but also allows them to remain energy independent when electricity rates increase.  In addition, this wonderful option yields environmental benefits for the entire community.  Each Shea Green Certified Homewoner will be able to track how much power their system is producing, as well as its environmental benefits, all through a Web-based remote monitoring system.  For more information about Shea solar powered homes please go to www.sheasuperiology.com/trilogy/ This announcement comes at a very fortuitous time as just last week our government signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which will allow for three things.  First, the Solar Investment Tax Credit will be extended for another eight years.  Secondly, it will lift the cap on the $2,000 allowance.  Thirdly, it will allow the credit to be put toward a homeowner’s alternative minimum tax.  In addition to these federal credits, homebuyers may also be eligible for state or local credits or rebates. Learn more about solar energy