Your child has just been accepted to Purdue. When you look at the room and board fees, you nearly go into shock! The good news is that there are alternatives, and we have a lot of experience in helping you save money in this area!

Many parents are investing in condos or single family homes near the Purdue campus. They rent the house to their children and one or more roommates. When their son or daughter graduates, they sell the property. The cost of owning the property vs. paying for more traditional housing in many scenarios saves the parents a significant amount of money. It can also teach the student a lot in the way of homeownership responsibilities.

Feel free to call our office or email us anytime. We can sit down with you and discuss your Purdue student's options. A real estate agent on our team can provide information about neighborhoods near the school, properties that are for sale, and the amount of rent you can expect to receive from the property.