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Despite this current economic downturn, there are some real estate websites that are faring quite positively during this time. At the top of the pile is Trulia. Trulia, Inc. is a national residential real estate search site that was started in San Francisco in 2005. It was a venture capital-backed startup. According to Comscore, Trulia had 2.58 million visitors in the month of October, which unbelievably was one hundred percent higher than October of last year. Trulia’s officials report that their website receives five million hits per month.
Trulia’s revenue comes mostly from advertising and Realtor membership payments. Its co-founder and C.O.O. Sami Inkinen claims that their revenue is growing by double digits each month, and that they expect the company to become profitable by the first half of 2009. Two other Real Estate websites that are doing remarkably well are a real estate brokerage site named ZipRealty, and the national commercial Real Estate search site named LoopNet Inc.