Hi y'all!

You can see where I get my stunning looks from!

My name is Brian and I'm the newest member of Cathy's Team. And if you notice a slight resemblance, it's because Cathy is my mom. Now, I'll let you know that I'm a little bit goofy, very competitive and quite nervous about working for my mom. She's definitely the Type-A in the family; I'm the Type-"laid back", but I know everything will turn out okay... However, don't let that fool you! (especially, all you clients!) I'm a hard worker and just about as detail-oriented as my little sister, Stacy. You'll find me in the office, most days, trying to figure it all out. Initially, my focus is on the website and the rental properties, but I'm a pretty-good all-around problem-solver (who thinks that excellent hyphenation is second only to excellent hygiene!) I look forward to meeting all of you - customers, agents, vendors, and friends of Cathy. Stop by the office, send me an email, brian@russellteam.com, or call me, 765-497-0700! Cheers, Brian