Despite the current economy, the United States green building market is growing at a steady clip. Statistics show it at $49 billion for this year, a huge increase over the $10 billion dollars in 2005. Experts are speculating that number could triple by 2013. One green builder has a very smart plan: to focus on building green homes for the middle class. Green Builders Incorporated, out of Austin, Texas builds homes that have an average asking price of $225,000. Green features of this home include:
  • Square footage which ranges from 1,600 square feet to 3,500 square feet
  • Bamboo flooring
  • On-Demand Water Heaters
  • Rain Barrels
  • Insulated Windows
  • High efficiency heat pumps
  • Icynene spray foam insulation
  • Non-toxic finishes minus those nasty volatile organic compounds
  • Formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets
  • All homes come complete with Energy Star specs
  • All homes meet the National Association of Home Builders green building standards
How, you are probably asking yourself, does this builder manage all of this with that svelte price tag? Well, for starters, this builder’s thirty years of experience has helped them to figure that certain higher-cost “green”" items actually save them money in other places. For example, when installing that thicker insulation, a smaller air conditioner is needed. Shorter duct runs are a savings when the attic is well-sealed. Facing and runs of soffit are reduced due to their Craftsman style, which amounts to the windows being placed farther up into the eves. In addition, the marketing of this type of home appeals to those looking to save up to as much as 50% on utilities, the health-conscious and environmentalists who are looking to live in a green home. For more information about green building see Green Builders Inc.