Money moneyFor anyone facing a foreclosure life can become extremely stressful, as there are so many new issues that you will be faced with. In this time of change and uncertainty, there are actually people out there that are preying on others going into foreclosure. Scam artists are coming out of the woodwork and are offering homeowners facing foreclosure a “deal” to renegotiate their loans for a fee. What people need to know is that in many states it is illegal for a person to ask homeowners for an upfront payment to renegotiate a mortgage - unless the Department of Real Estate holds record of them meeting license and registration requirements. You can verify this information and also check to make sure that your real estate broker and attorneys have valid licenses at Always be skeptical and remember to never give anyone money in advance of any services they are offering. There are many non-profit groups that offer legal aid for free of charge to homeowners that are having trouble making their monthly payments. See more information at this avoiding mortgage foreclosure website.