Napoleon - NZ26-WI Wood Burning FireplaceWhen the cold weather season begins, nothing is more enjoyable than sitting in front of a warm, crackling fire. Not only does it warm the body, but it also adds wonderful atmosphere for any occasion that simply cannot be duplicated. If problems with your chimney are getting in the way of your enjoyment of this small pleasure, please read on as there are always solutions. Many homeowners complain of smoke coming out of their fireplaces when it is windy outside. This is caused when wind currents force air back down the chimney. Most of the time, large trees near the house can cause these downdrafts. You can fix this problem by placing a chimney cap on the chimney. If you already have a cap on your chimney, you may want to try installing a cap of different design. Another common problem some homeowners experience is smoke that continuously pours out of the fireplace. This could be due to a blocked flue, or the flue is partially filled with soot and creosote. You can check for blockage with a flashlight for bird’s nests, or branches and leaves. If you find that you have creosote build-up, you will need a professional cleaning. Another cause of smoke is that you may be using wet and/or green wood. Make sure that you dry your wood out properly before use, or purchase only seasoned dry wood. In a worst-case scenario you may find that you have a crack or leak in your flue lining. If this is the case you will need to have the liner replaced. For more information on smoky fireplaces see The Garden Web.