Trouble Finding A Buyer? Try Seller Financing As we are all too aware, obtaining a mortgage today is much harder than it was just last year. One new concept that is becoming more and more popular is ‘Seller Financing.’

The ‘Seller Financing’ concept can give home sellers an edge over competition as it fully eliminates that large obstacle so many buyers face today, and in turn will help augment your number of potential buyers.

Another benefit to consider with Seller Financing is the steady income you will receive from the mortgage payments.  Right now with all of the market volatility that we are experiencing, this could be your one steady interest earner - in some cases up to 7% or more!

This is a guaranteed return.  If you don’t need the proceeds from the sale of your home immediately, seller financing can be a great investment.  You might also consider partial seller financing. Most buyers will have a cap on their loan allowance, and as the seller you can consider financing the rest at a higher interest rate than normal. Keep in mind that as the seller you would not have to hold on to this mortgage forever, as it can be sold on a secondary market. If you’re worried about buyer default on the loan, you can fall back on reclaiming the home through a legal foreclosure process.

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