Hi everyone! This is going to be an awesome week...our office transaction coordinator Jasmine Duran commented earlier that "we are now officially busy"! This is true. Our phones are ringing, our inboxes are full of messages. We're really moving! This is the time when all home buyers are really out in full force, wanting to get moved by Spring/Early Summer.

Today we closed 11 homes so far, put 10 new homes on the market, price dropped 6 homes, and we have 250 homes under contract. This is twice the number we had pending in recent weeks. People are buying homes in Lafayette!

I get asked every day what the market is like, how are values? Are home prices going down? How long are homes on the market? What's my home worth? Is now a good time to sell? I hope these quick updats give you a couple things to think about, and if you have any questions, hit our websites (some I will post below), or give me a call or email!