Hi everybody :) Here's what's going on today...our local market has 50 new listings, 20 price reductions and 215 deals pending. People are buying homes! As usual I've met with lenders and builders and many people are talking about the changes coming up for the year.

We have builders we work with everyday who are offering some fantastic deals on new homes. Quick build times and easy to work with closing arrangements...many people think you have to be 6 months or more out if building is a good option for you. Not true. You can move into a new custom ordered home this summer no problem. AND we can help you get fantastic pricing on this.

Lenders are talking of course about the revamping of some typical lending programs. You really want to work with a Realtor who knows the ropes these days...for real guys. We don't want to see your deal go south just because someone doesn't know what they're doing. Work with a top team who knows who to call and how to work deals with you, so you get solid financing you can depend on.

We've noticed a sharp increase in all our web traffic. Many of you may know that we have several sites to help you with all your home buying and selling needs. Use them! We're here to help in any way we can...I'll post links to some of the most popular ones below.