Hi Everyone! Brian here... and I can't believe that I'm actually getting excited about gutter products... It's rainy season; it's fall. If you're like me, and you hate climbing up and down a ladder to clean the leaves out of your gutters each fall or watching your gutters turn into minature waterfalls, then you need to check out GutterShed! I won't bog you down with the details, you can click the link above to visit the website where Dr. Stephen Ash and his staff explain it better, but I will tell you they work better than any "netting" or "helmet" version I've ever tried. Installation? Piece of cake. It took me about 3 hours on a Saturday morning while I listend to the Purdue football game on the radio. No drill or other electrical equipment. Just the GutterPunch, GutterTies (both inventions of Dr. Ash) and a pair of kitchen shears. As a BIG supporter of local business, when I saw the article in the Journal & Courier, I knew I wanted to help support Dr. Ash and his product. In response to our support, Dr. Ash offered to give a 25% discount to our customer, friends and family who would like to purchase GutterSheds for their homes. (Full disclosure: No kickbacks for us!) It's being sold locally at Von Tobel's and if you're out of town, you can order direct through info@GutterShed.com (see coupon below)   Thanks for your support, Brian Russell


For Friends of Cathy Russell

Limited Time Offer: 25% Discount for Purchase of Gutter Protection that Finally Works,  GutterShed

$12 per four foot plate (usual price $16 per plate)

Offer Good to Dec. 31, 2011

Present this Coupon at Von Tobel’s Lumber, Lafayette, Indiana to Obtain the 25% Discount

If Ordering from Out of Town, Contact info@guttershed.com and Include this Offer ID Number: 20111231.

See Product Information at Guttershed.com.