American condosChoosing the right community is so important, as how you can you really love where you live unless you love the neighborhood? In the frenzy of finding a home and scheduling moving day, many people forget that researching the neighborhood is one of the most important ways to insure happiness at your new destination. Before making your final decision on a home, don’t forget to:
  • “Profile” the neighborhood. Ask yourself these questions: Is the quality of the school system important? Is the commute do-able for you? Do you like to be within walking distance to shops and restaurants? Do you like quiet?
  • Once you zero in on a neighborhood you like you must research all school information, crime statistics, parks and recreation, neighborhood association fees and tourist attractions. Armed with this information it will be easy to make a wise decision for you.
  • Take the time to visit. Don’t downplay your first impression. Take note of the community’s rush hour patterns, it’s social ability factor, it’s streetlights at night. Drive by the schools. Shop in the local grocery store. Try to meet some of your potential neighbors. All of these visual clues can be very revealing.
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